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Wear Here - more information about the Sunderland Blogs

Wear Here – indeed more information about the Sunderland Blog

To begin with, this is a landing page for Wear Here. Obviously, we include links here to more information about the Sunderland Blog. Indeed, all links here are also in the tabs above. So, click the appropriate link for the full article.

About Us – indeed, all about the Sunderland Blog.
Contact Us – but please allow a little time for a reply.
Privacy Policy – indeed, this is our promise to you.
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Wear Here!

To begin with, what a great slogan to advertise the Sunderland Forum and Blogs. Indeed, it sums up everything we stand for – we are here for you! In short, use the links above for more information about the Sunderland Forum and Blogs.

We are certainly here for the people of Wearside. For example, we cover all things with connections to the City of Sunderland. In fact, we also cover the wider area of Wearside and beyond. In other words, we include large areas of South Tyneside such as Whitburn and Boldon.

Then there is massive areas in County Durham which we cover also. For example, Seaham has extensive coverage.

Sunderland Blog Information

Basically, this Wear Here page gives more information about the workings of the Sunderland Blog. Indeed, we explain why we exist. Also we explain how things may benefit you. For example, the About Us page shows what we are all about, where we came from and how we are evolving.

Then we explain our promise to you with our easy to understand Privacy Policy and how it affects you. Obviously, we welcome all feedback from the members. Indeed, we will adjust things on account of some feedback!


So, as we can easily see, all the policies we have here at the Sunderland Blog are open policies. In essence, we are very transparent about detail. We do this because we are a community website that exists for Mackems, Wearsiders, expats and SAFC supporters alike. With this in mind, Wear Here!

Sunderland is God's country - Wear here - for you - Wearsides best community website

Sunderland Girls/Ladies/Women football team are also winners and we applaud each and everyone. Moreover, they have a website too.

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