Scotland Decides – A Mackem’s View 5/5 (1)

Scotland Decides – My View From Wearside To begin with, I write this article because I love Scotland. Indeed, Scotland is not too far away from where I live in the the north east of England. The result of the independence referendum could also have an impact upon the north … Continue reading

Ageing Rockers And A Book For North East Punks No ratings yet.

Calling all Wearside’s ageing rockers Given that the North East had a thriving punk scene in the 1970’s, a group of writers have decided to make a book on the subject. As a result, ageing rockers from Sunderland are in demand to come reveal their memories. In short, the book … Continue reading

Vote For Sunderland No ratings yet.

Sunderland City Council Accepts More Government Cuts In short, we see another setback for the City of Sunderland and another roll over by the council. With this in mind, vote for Sunderland! Sunderland, once the most important place in the north of England, will again take another hit from the … Continue reading

Sunderland Health Services Force Feed You Smoke! No ratings yet.

Sunderland Health Services Force Feed You Smoke! Firstly, this is quite a headline, but it certainly would seem true and it has been going on for years. Surely it is illegal? In effect, the Sunderland health services should enforce their policy better. To begin with, the Sunderland Echo ran a … Continue reading