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You Too Can Post On The Sunderland Blog

To begin with, the Sunderland Blog is a platform for all Mackems, Wearsiders and SAFC supporters. Obviously, we welcome ex-pats too. With this in mind, anyone is able to post on the Sunderland Blog. Indeed, as long as you fall into the above categories we encourage this.

The Sunderland Blog is also a sub division of the main Sunderland Forum. However, both the Blog and Forum have different characteristics. For example, on the Sunderland Blog, we encourage the larger, more in-depth posts. Indeed, it is far better to post more than 200 words on the blog for better effect. Although we encourage larger posts on the forum too, it is not obligatory there. But it is here.

How To Submit A Post

Of course, by using the form above, you may submit a post to the Sunderland Blog. Firstly, add your name – this could be a screen name of your choosing. Then add your email. Obviously add a post title, category and add the content of your post. Of course you should ensure that your post has decent content and around 200 words minimum. This is because you will want others to find your post and a short post will hardly suffice. However, 300 words or more is what you should aim for.

Once you are happy with your post, press submit. Your post will stay in a queue until a moderator verifies things. This is in order to stop spam. However, we reserve the right to adjust your post where necessary. But, we will leave the content intact where possible. After all, it is all your own work.

Just to point out that copy and pasting us unacceptable. In other words, don’t take large tracks of text from other websites. However, the odd sentence may be acceptable. But basically, it should be your own words.

Your Content

Indeed, the fact that you are here means you have some connection to Sunderland or the Wearside area. With this in mind, you should already know what sort of posts are permissible. For example, if you have some local news that is not already on site, you could post this. In contrast, should you have some sporting news for Wearside, this will do too. Likewise, if you discover some news about the greatest team the world has ever seen, this is also welcome. Indeed, SAFC plays a big part in the lives of Mackems and Wearsiders etc.

All in all, by choosing the correct category, your post will end up there. In other words, if your post is about Wearside People, then that’s where you will find your post. Likewise, a Sunderland AFC post will end up there.

In the first place, the Sunderland Blog is all about Wearside and the surrounding area. However, if you feel strongly about something other than articles relevant to Wearside, you can also post that. Indeed, we do not discriminate. So, you could say it is an ‘off topic’ post. For those off topic posts, obviously choose the ‘User Blogs’ category.

To Sum Up

Finally, you do not need to be a member of the Sunderland Blog or Forum to submit a post here. However, members have access to better tools in which to write articles. Also, we encourage people to join because we can inform members of new information etc. So please consider joining us and come back regularly.

Submit a post on the Sunderland Blog - for Mackems, Wearsiders, SAFC supporters and ex-pats

Indeed, the Sunderland Blog covers all Wearside

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