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This page indeed shows the league table as it stands now. We also highlight Sunderland’s position. In red of course!

  • League Table – Also Sunderland’s Position

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League Table As It Stands

Obviously, the league table we see above is up to date. In other words, we keep this table current at all times. Indeed, we highlight Sunderland AFC in another shade of red too. So now you can take a quick look and see the position SAFC find themselves in right now. Moreover, because we keep all the content on the Sunderland Blog fresh, you may like to bookmark us.

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Furthermore, we have other websites in our umbrella. However, each website is a separate entity. As such, you will also have to register for each one individually. We do this because, some people have no interest in football. So, with this in mind, we have separated things somewhat.

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We just thought you would like to see an epic failure in case you haven’t already. Indeed, Alan Pardew thought that Newcastle got an equaliser against Sunderland at Sid James Park. But the referee said no. Furthermore, Sunderland went on to win by 3-0.

Premier League Table: Embarrassment for Alan Pardew - Newcastle did not equalise so the score was NUFC 0-3 SAFC

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