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Indeed, the Sunderland Blog has a gaming page! Firstly, choose a game you wish to play.

Jigsaw Puzzles – many to choose from.

Gaming on the Sunderland Blog - Fuck The Mags

Sunderland Blog Gaming – Peace Love and Happiness 🙂

Gaming On The Sunderland Blog

To begin with, this is the gaming page for the Sunderland Blog. Basically it is a links page, so you need to click the game you want to play. Indeed, we will add to it when new games become available. However, if you know of other games we can add, tell us. Moreover, if you want us to look for a game for you, let us know.

Join In At The Blogs Also

The Blogs here are a Wearside magazine for all locals and SAFC supporters everywhere. Although you can use the Sunderland Blog without joining, we encourage people to do so. This is because you can interact much better this way. For example, members can post comments. Also, members may create their own posts on the blog.

More Fun On The Sunderland Forum

Obviously, if you have not already joined the Sunderland Forum proper, why not take some time out and do so. Indeed, have your say on the Wearside Community Forums that caters for everyone. In short, we do not discriminate. But please do not use profanity of any sort as we are a family website. So, join the chat rooms for our region and chill out even more.

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