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Wearside Maps and Sunderland City Centre - road and rail - aerial shots

Indeed, we show a collection of maps for Sunderland

Maps showing position of Sunderland, UK

Sunderland City Centre Map Also

Maps Of Wearside

Obviously as we can see, the above maps are for Wearside. In general, we show areas around the River Wear. However, we also have a map of Sunderland City Centre showing the major roads and some prominent places.

The City of Sunderland covers over 50 Square Miles and is indeed a massive urban sprawl. Indeed, there are many major roads that criss-cross the city. Moreover, local people are familiar with the road systems. For example, there are many roads that lead into Sunderland City Centre.

Firstly, from the north we have Newcastle Road (A1018) and Wessington Way (A1231) from Washington. Secondly, there is Chester Road (A 183) that enters from the west. Thirdly, the A1080 brings in traffic from the south. Obviously this road continues on to Newcastle Road to the North. Then there is Durham Road (A690) which brings traffic in from Houghton and Hetton etc.

Moreover, there are many other roads that lead into Sunderland City Centre. For instance, Hylton Road and Southwick Road etc.

Other Interesting Sunderland Maps

We are indeed always on the look out for other maps of Wearside. Therefore, should you have any other Sunderland map, old or new, let us know. Once we have some more interesting images we will update this page.

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