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Wearside Links - Sunderland Connections - add your site - reciprocal link back required

Indeed, this is the Sunderland Blog links page

To begin with, have you got a website with a Wearside connection? In brief, if you wish to add your site to this list, you need to link us back. See below for further details.

Sunderland Forum – Wearside Message Boards.
SAFC News Headlines – up to date Sunderland AFC articles.
Sunderland Local News Headlines – newsworthy Wearside articles.

Obviously, the links above are typical of a simple link back.

Sunderland/Wearside Links

Firstly, all webmasters wishing to advertise their website here can do so. However, this is on condition that they have a link back to the Sunderland Forum or Sunderland Blog. Obviously, local websites will take priority.
Sunderland links - metro train heading to South Hylton - a Wearside tram system
So, if you have a website that has links to Sunderland or areas around Wearside, consider a link here.

Indeed, the sort of connection we will consider could be local information websites. Alternatively, you may also have some other website with a local flavour that may benefit from a link. The only requirement is that all websites with a link here must also have a reciprocal link back to us.

Types Of Links

Obviously, what we see above are a simple form of link. However, there are other ways to link back which are more discrete and far better. For example, linking back to and from other posts and pages. Then there are link banners which have a dramatic effect and attract more attention. Indeed, the possibilities are endless.

To Sum Up

By linking up to the Sunderland Blog you are, in effect, advertising your website to others. Obviously, this has many benefits. But this works both ways. Of course, this is why we have the Sunderland or Wearside links policy.

In short, we check regularly to ensure the link is still active. So, please contact us if you are temporarily removing our link from your site.


Obviously as we see above, we have 3 other websites in our own Sunderland connections page. The main root website is indeed a forum. With this in mind, we encourage people to join that and bookmark it. Furthermore, links to our other three sites are accessible from there too.

Sunderland links page for webmasters to link back to their own website.

Link your website to the Sunderland Community Forum and Blog also. However,  we ask you add our link to your website: or

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