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Extra features on the Sunderland Blog

Indeed, this page shows the extra features on the Sunderland Blog

Obviously this is the landing page for the extra features on the Sunderland Blog. In short, click the appropriate link.

Links Page – also link your site to the Sunderland Blog.

Tide Tables – times and heights of the local tides in Sunderland, also Seaham.

Search The Internet – power by Google – indeed, you do not need to leave the Sunderland Blog to surf the internet.

Maps of Sunderland – we have many maps for the area around Wearside.

Extra: Sunderland is the biggest city between Leeds and Edinburgh - Wearside has many interesting buildings also - here is a collage

Extra Features

To begin with, this page shows links to the extra features on the Sunderland Blog. For instance, we have a page for the Wearside tide tables. This obviously shows the height of the tide as well as the times etc. Then we have links to local weather forecasts.

Moreover, we have a search machine with power from google. Indeed, the search engine features on most pages. However, our search engine also has its own page. So, you can actually stay on the Sunderland Blog and surf the web at the same time!

Other Features On The Sunderland Blog

Obviously, we already have quite a few features on the Sunderland Blog right now. However, if you would like to see other features on this website, let us know. Then we will look into whether it is feasible. So, if you would like to help out please use the contact us tab above.

The Sunderland Collage Above

Indeed, the image above shows a collage of Wearside images. So, for visitors unfamiliar with Sunderland landmarks we list them here. Firstly, there it the Wearmouth Bridge and Echo Building. Secondly, there is the Fulwell Mill, Penshaw Monument and Roker Lighthouse. Then we see the Sunderland Winter Gardens and the Sunderland Glass Centre.


Obviously, the most important link we have here is to the main Sunderland Message Boards. This is because it is the root address to all our websites here. Obviously, the forum is not a feature but we invite you to join the chat rooms and post regularly. Furthermore, we consider our sites to be family friendly. With this in mind, watch your language!

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